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Many are making plans already to travel to the UK, but some of them have one major problem, the UK fees in Nigeria. It has been known that majority of people face lots of difficulties knowing the correct fees for travelling to the UK. It is important that an applicant who wants to leave Nigeria to the UK should have an idea of what he/she will be spending. Well, no need to worry much as this article will be your guide from the scratch so Read On.
UK visas are documents that is required of you as an applicant to present or to have if you want to travel to the UK. Many travel there for tourism, education, business or even work. Whatever the reason maybe you should bear in mind that you need a visa.
Every applicant should note that there are various types of UK visas which are available to Nigerians. We have the short term visa and the long term visa.
Short Term Visas: This includes getting a tourist visa or a visitor visa and they include;
• Marriage visitors visa
• Standard visitor visa
• Short term study visa
• Permitted paid engagement visa
• Parent of a tier of a child visa i.e children between the ages of 4 to 17 years old.
It should be noted that what is listed above are the type of visa which are available for a short term visit. Short term visas are being taken when an applicant knows that he or she will not be staying there for a long period of time at least 3 months or 6 months.
Long Term Visas: The category of the long term visas includes.
• Government officials get diplomatic visas
• Those who want to study get student visas that are issued for up to three years. There are three (3) types of student visas which are available, they are;
Short term study visa, for student who wants to study in the UK for less than six (6) months.
Tier 4 (General) student visa for student over 16 years of age who wants to study in the UK.this
Tier 4 (Child) student visa for students between the age of 4 and 17 years old who wants to study in independent UK schools.
All of this are a list of the types of long term visas which are available. It should be noted that before getting a visa you will be asked to provide some documents. Although each visa type has its own special requirements, but there are some standard requirements which we feel you should know about, they are listed below;
1. Required visa fee
2. UK visa form that is filled online
3. Valid ECOWAS travel passport
4. Recent passport sized photograph
5. Copy the passport data page
6. Letter of invitation
7. Financial proof through recent original bank statement
8. Recent utility bills
9. Details of hotel bookings and flight bookings
10. Parents, who are travelling with children, should have a copy of the children birth certificate
11. Original marriage certificate for those travelling with their spouse.
It should be known that applicants who are travelling for the purpose of business, should attach some following documents to their applications.
• Letter of invitation
• Company phone number
• Full details of the authorised company representative
• Physical address
There are some process which an applicant is to follow in the application of visas. Read below the steps and the guidelines which are needed.
Applicants are to follow the application form which can be done online or you can register or apply for your visa at the Teleperformance UK application centres located in Lagos and Abuja.
You are to pay the required visa fee after filling in the form. It should be noted that the fees for visa will vary because of the different types of visas available.
Applicants are to book an appointment but before that a Unique Reference Number will be sent to them, that number is also known as the GWF number and it is very important. Applicants should note that appointment dates and time with location would be sent to their emails.
After booking an appointment registration on the Teleperformance website has to be done, you will be denied access to attend the appointments.
Every applicant must attend the appointment at the UK visa application centre by themselves. During the process tour fingerprints and your photo will be taken. When coming to the appointments, there are several items you need to bring along with you.
• Passport
• Required documents
• Printed copies of the online visa application confirmation.
It should be known that visa application process takes up to four to six days. Most times it takes longer if you have a history of crime or its rejected. Once your visa is ready, a text message will be sent to you to pick it up at the application centre. During the day of your collection, you are to come with application checklist, photocopy of the biodata page of your passport and original photograph identification. Third parties are not allowed to collect documents on behalf of applicants with only some conditions which are stated below.
• Parents collecting for their children who are below the age of 18 years of age
• Government representation
• Family who applied together and you have been asked to collect the documents on their behalf.
Most times, many applicants say that their visa application was rejected, but there are some reasons for that, below are some of the reasons
Submitting fraudulent documentations
Witholding documentation of a criminal background
Received a deportation order
If applicants was found guilty of a crime that will warrant jail term for four years or more.
Lack of enough funds and many more.
Earlier at the beginning of this article, we mentioned the UK visa fees in Nigeria, well lets crack that nutshell in this section now.
• Long term visa for 10 years USD 1023
• Long term visa valid for 5 years USD 816
• Longer term valid visa for 2 years USD 449
• Short term visa valid for 6 months USD 118

• Business visitor- academic visitor up to 12 months and dependent USD 231
• Business visitor- clinical attachment, dental observation and PLAB/OSCE test USD 118
• Prospective entrepreneur USD 118
• Diplomatic Courier USD 118
• Permitted paid engagement USD 118
• Parents visiting their child who is schooling in the UK, visa for up to 12 months USD 551
• For children short term up to six months USD 118
• Longer term valid up to 2 years USD 449
• Longer term valid up to 5 years USD 1023
• Marriage or civil partnership USD 118
To study English language USD 231
Short term study up to six months USD 121

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