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We Love Reminisce But, Is Running A Record Label For Him?

Hard work and consistency did earn him a spot in our imagined music hall of fame and yes, it is a well-deserved spot 
Alaga Ibile, as he is fondly called made a name for himself as an indie artist until he launched Les Roses Rouges [LRR] records and in 2014 signed on singer Sojay, whom he described as the ”baddest vocalist on the block.”
Now, as we all know, label executive take on a new acts for two major reasons; the monetary gains and to build that act into his or her own boss [this is what Olamide has managed to achieve].
However, in the case of Reminisce and his ‘no album’ boys, won se customer dada mehn!


Despite his amazing vocal prowess and experience in the industry Sojay, is still struggling to find a place in the Music industry
The Nigerian music industry is choked with undeserving yet celebrated artistes, but of course, how does he find a spot for himself when, since signing to LRR, in 2014, has released just a handful of  songs to include his last EP which I am certain only a selected few to include his immediate family, LRR family and maybe his twitter followers are aware of.


Almost becoming the “Most Sort Young Rapper” until his career took a dive after he was signed to LRR
Here comes rising rapper fast turning singer Oladips, who managed to break the hearts of his rap fans when he took a plunge into the ‘singing’ pool all in the spirit of ‘flowing with the trend ‘. I mean come on now, this is raw gold here,raw gold that doesn’t even need so much work to bring out it’s beauty but of course, we gotta do what the brings in the not even forthcoming money, yeah?  I want to believe M.I Abaga‘s You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life, is targeted at rappers like Oladips who sold their rap birthrights in a bid to remain relevant, but shouldn’t, as in this case I strongly see the ‘prescription‘ inspired writing of the label all over it.


Before his deal with the label, this young man single-handedly built his name to a top level and many other Rappers both Upcoming and Already established ones shivered at the mere mention of his name.
His lyrics, punchlines, delivery and hunger for music, worked amazing magic for him as he was well on the way to becoming the most sort young indigenous rapper until he signed his career off to the label.
Dips, as he is fondly called by his ‘Dipsciples,’ since joining LRR 24 months ago, has just 6 songs to his name, under the label to include his horribly titled latest ‘Lalakukula‘ [story for another day], lets put it this way, the label only required his amazing talent every other three months, last year, and every 6 months this year… ….amazing managerial and leadership sturv LRR.
The only thing, keeping this young Rapper sorry Singer from drowning in this ”pathetic self-brought overpowering waters” c, is his barely there features which of recent has not only drastically reduced in numbers but, in punchlines and delivery as well.


Now with these, Oladips is yet to make a career breakthrough acts on the label, Reminisce, again, added more acts to the label; Akeem Adisa and Yovi.
So far both seem to still be in their element but again…it’s just the start of their year in the label, let’s hope they don’t get stuck as the others did.
Finally, owning a label and signing on new acts is like parenting, you want the best for your kids. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case in LRR’s case as the boys are wallowing in pure non-music pain. Let them make some good music….scratch that, let them make any music as long as they are making something, thats why they were signed right?
We love Reminisce, but is owning and running a record label really for him?
Share your thoughts below.

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