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Who is Hushpuppi Father? What We Know So Far (Photos)

Another scandal recently hit the Nigerian internet. This time around, it was about Ray Hushpuppi father. The main conflict began between Mompha and Hushpuppi and they then decided to spill dirt about each other! Continue reading if you want to know the details!


HushPuppi real name is Raymond Igbalodely. He is a Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Malaysia. He loves to send positive messages on his Instagram about his life and philanthropy works.
He can, however, be a little controversial as he has been known to engage in feuds with celebrities and also post pictures portraying his lavish lifestyle.
One of his best pals, Ismaila Mustapha AKA Mompha provided a shocking revelation about Hushpuppi profile. Mompha revealed that Hushpuppi is not so rich and he even owes him (Mompha) money.


Another painful issue touched by Mompha was Huspuppi`s family. Mompha revealed that Hushpuppi father is a taxi driver.
There are also some photos of Hushpuppi`s father on the internet but it is possible it could be untrue. However, most of the posts connected with these photos claim that Hushpuppi father’s name is Loudpuppi!
Well, it may all be just a joke – who knows? Hushpuppy neither confirmed nor denied this! What do you think?

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