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30-Year Old Sued To Leave Home By Parents Has Agreed To Go, But Says He Wont Forgive Them

Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man whose mom and dad sued to get him booted from their home, claims he'll gladly leave eventually but he definitely won't forgive them.

Rotondo was on tv to speak about the court case he lost.The judge sided with his parents and told the grown-ass man who doesn't pay rent he needed to heed his parents' eviction notice. He says he plans to appeal and, for now, he's still living with them.

He further said nothing has changed in the house, and the relationship with his parents remains cold as ever.

When asked if he thinks his parents are good people, he said no. As for getting a job and getting his own place? Rotondo says he's got a game plan. Lol, we kinda like his parents tho, they want him to be useful to himself and the society. How can a man be 30 and he has never worked all his life... biko move!

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