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Digital Marketing? 5 platforms to learn at your own pace

Digital marketing courses

You know, I can bet good money that at one point or the other, there must have been a time where you have heard the phrase “Digital marketing” and wondered what it is, or wondered where you can learn one and become a “Digital Marketer”. Well, becoming a digital marketer these days seem to be pretty easy as there are tens and hundreds of Digital Marketers that organize “Digital Marketing workshops” and “training” you can attend.

However, the timing of these workshops or training may not work well with you, perhaps due to your busy schedule, or the location of the training among other factors. But you really still would love to learn. And ultimately, become a digital marketer. That’s where online learning comes in.

Digital marketing courses

Thanks to technological innovations, there are platforms that now offer comprehensive courses on digital marketing. One of the best side to learning online is the self-paced nature of learning. You can learn anytime you are chanced, take pre-recorded classes anytime you are got time on your hands, have access to mentorship from digital marketing experts, and they are also affordable. Some are quite pricey though.

We will be looking at some of the platforms you can become a certified Digital Marketing expert at your own pace and without breaking the bank.


Udemy is one of the most popular and largest online course provider. Talk about diversity and variety, Udemy is also king — there are thousands of courses to learn on the platform. Udemy has a large catalog on Digital marketing courses. Asides that, their courses on Digital marketing are super duper affordable.

While the plethora of courses on Digital Marketing might be advantageous as it gives you options to choose from, it could sometime get difficult to choose one to study. You can, however, overcome this by watching video previews of the courses, reading about the course and it’s content, and checking out reviews.

Udemy has a simplistic platform on web and mobile. In fact, there is a mobile app which allows you study courses on the go. Digital Marketing courses on Udemy are cheap — you can become a digital marketer for as low as £10.99. Check out available Digital Marketing courses on Udemy here.


edX is another popular name and platform to study a wide range of courses online…in your own space and pace. About Digital marketing, eDX also boasts of a couple of courses ranging from the fundamentals of marketing digitals, to digital branding and engagement, digital strategy, market analytics and a whole couple of sub-courses on Digital marketing.

Some of theses digital marketing courses are free (YES! absolutely FREE) with an option to pay a token for certification at the end of the course. Some other courses are cheap, and a few of them, quite costly.


Want to learn how to explore the latest trends in digital marketing world without paying a penny, and most importantly, at your own pace, then Futurelearn might just be the right platform to get that done. With a wide range of digital marketing related topics, courses and seasoned & experienced lecturers and tutors to learn from, Futurelearn is perfect for individuals seeking to pursue a more formal study programme in digital marketing or traditional markets seeking to add up modern-day skill set.

Again, learning digital marketing on Futurelearn is free but there is an option to pay a token for course upgrade, certification and transcript — depending on the course you choose to study.

Google Digital Garage

Organized and run by Google, the Digital Garage is a perfect start off ground for beginners iwith interest in digital marketing. With about 26 topics, each with their individual comprehensive course materials (articles and videos), this is a great path to climb to digital proficiency.

The Digital Garage is absolutely free, self-paced, and come with a free certification at the end of the course. Depending on how fast you are, or how much time you dedicate to the course, you can complete the courses and be certified in weeks.

Lastly, this Google Challenge on Online Marketing gives you experience solving real-world problems and challenges on digital marketing by working with non-profit organization. You can also check it out — perhaps after completing one or two of the above courses.

The above are some of the best platforms to learn and kickstart a career in digital marketing at your own time and pace. While some of these courses are free, there are a couple of that require a token to be paid.

Are there any other online platform you have learned digital or online marketing? How was your experience? Tell us the name of the platform, price and in and after-learning experience.

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