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I Smell Death In People: Psychic Claims She Senses When People Are Close To Death

A psychic claims she can smell when people are near death - but described her gift as 'useless' as she can't do anything to save them.

Ari Kala, 24, worked as a legal secretary before quitting her 9-5 job this year and pursuing her career as a professional psychic.

She first discovered her sixth sense when she visited her dying uncle aged 12 and smelled a 'sickly sweet' odour that no one else in her family could pick up.

Now she teaches women how to harness their inner psychic powers - but revealed she never tells people when she notices the smell of death on them, as it's 'not her place'.

Ari, from New South Wales, Australia, said: "The year before I started high school I visited my uncle to be with him as he died.

"The night before his death I picked up this odd, sickly sweet rotten kind of smell in the house.

"I thought it was the smell of his remains as I had never smelled that before. But no one else could smell it.

"I realised later it was the frequency of death I could smell.

"Since then, I’ve experienced the same thing around people with terminal diseases or the very elderly - too many times to count.

"Sometimes it feels like a burden. I used to want to say something, however I realized it’s not my duty.

"I don’t put much effort into developing it. It’s kind of useless - how could it help anyone? How I can walk up to strangers with this smell and help them?

"What if they don't know they are going to die soon? If I told them that and they weren't aware, it could be catastrophic. I don't see how it's up to me to interfere with their fate."

Ari believes everyone has a psychic potential which is suppressed by societal conditioning from a young age.

She delved into the world of spirituality after being driven to depression working as a secretary at a major Sydney law firm.

Now, she coaches women – many part of the witchcraft community – aged 25 to 45 about how to put there psychic skills to good use.

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