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Is This The Most Bizarre Shirt Ever? Fashion Fans Baffled By Balenciaga’s £935 ‘T-Shirt Shirt’

High end brand Balenciaga like to push to boundaries when it comes to fashion.

But one item in its new collection for men has people completely baffled.

The T-Shirt Shirt – part of the Fall 18 collection – is exactly what the name suggests.

Yes, it is literally a blue Tee with a checked shirt hanging from the front of it.

What’s more, if you are brave (or daft) enough to wear the bizarre top,  it will set you back £935.

Unsurprisingly, fashion fans were not impressed by the weird garment.

Twitter user Mally Mack tweeted a picture of the outfit with the words: “LMAOOOOO bro what the actual f***.”

The post was liked 146k times and shared 86k times, with other users mocking the shirt as “a joke”.

One user wrote: “What the hell is that?”

Another added: “£935 for this sh**… lol”

Astrid Wright added: “The model looks as confused as we are.”

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