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Photos: Man Hacks His Penis While Watching Porn

This is the horrific moment a man was rescued after cutting his own PENIS with a knife - while watching porn.

The 30-year-old was holed up in his apartment viewing hardcore movies on his smartphone last night in Bangkok, Thailand.

But the footage ''sent him into a frenzy'' and he began slicing the skin from his penis in an outrageous act of sadomasochism.

The bizarre sex act back-fired when his penis started pouring uncontrollably with blood and he was unable to stem the flow.

He made an emergency call and police and paramedics arrived at 10:45pm to find him naked and holding his genitals in the fourth floor apartment in Khet Nong Chok district of the Thai capital.

He told workers that he was ''watching porn'' and blamed the videos for making him cut his penis.

The paramedic from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation who took the pictures said: ''The man was unwilling to co-operate fully. He said 'I was watching porn, I was watching porn'.

''He blamed the videos for making him get too excited. He would not say anything more or tell us more details.

''We provided medical assistance and transferred him to hospital.''

He was today recovering at the Hospital Navamin 9.

He is expected to be released without any long-term damage other than a nasty scar.

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