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Top 5 AI-driven M-Commerce Trends That Will Shape 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a major driver of digital transformation as businesses try to keep in step with the rapid technological advancements in 2018.

Due to constant media coverage, AI is one of the most known aspects of this transformation.

It is slated to make humans obsolete as it is increasingly becoming a necessity for businesses, whether they’re investing in AI-embedded software, or using MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) to automate internal processes.

AI is quickly modernizing businesses, and in 2018, businesses that have not yet adopted it will begin to feel the need to and pressure, whether that is external or internal, to use the most recent and current technology for better business management.

Similarly, developers will have a huge task on their hands to build important and useful machine learning software and/or tools to aid with open data.

Companies are releasing their grip from their proprietary data, and harness the power of AI, as well as the opportunities it comes with by sharing data, so as to modernize their businesses.

Machine learning is not showing any signs of slowing down, in fact, which means businesses should anticipate new sub-trends throughout the year (2018).

Most vendors are already including this in their products to automate and enhance several business functions, especially frontend. This gives them ample scope and time to define techniques to drive their sales online.

AI also provides businesses with better mathematical advancements successfully fueling several technologies.

Notable among them are cognitive computing, natural language processing data analytics, and machine learning, which place it among the prevailing M-commerce trends of 2018.

According to Crunchbase, there was over $9 billion in funding rounds in 2017 alone, to AI companies working on such technologies including predictive analytics, intelligent systems, general machine and deep learning, among others.

The previous year, 2016, saw $5 billion in funding rounds put into AI, which is roughly 80 percent growth year over year building up to 2018.

AI also helps organize data from companies in such a way that it is easy to use, more refined, and related, though most industries await quantifiable results from investment areas related to AI.

But what are these trends that are being driven by AI in the M-commerce space that will make 2018 the biggest year yet? Mofluid captures the top 5 AI-driven trends for M-commerce in 2018 in the following infographic.

Take a look –

Top 5 AI-driven M-Commerce Trends That Will Shape 2018

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