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Woman's Ex Who Tried To Blackmail Her For Weting Herself While They Dated Gets The Shock Of His Life, As The World Supports Her

In the wake of a break-up, people say and do ugly things. Feelings are hurt, egos are bruised - and in more severe cases, hopes and dreams have been crushed into dust and left to scatter in the wind.

Blackmailing your ex, however, officially makes you a bad person. Oh, and a criminal in most part of the world, lol.

Prior to the demise of their relationship, Kallie had drank too much beer one evening and subsequently had an accident.

Rather than keeping this info to himself, her ex did the dignified and gentlemanly thing and decided to use this to blackmail her.

So Kallie took action, with wonderful results.

First, she came clean.

Then the unexpected happened. Rather than being hounded off Twitter, judged and abused by a baying mob, Kallie's admission prompted others to come forward.

And now people are sharing how they have in the past messed up after being drunk. Now who is the devil? LOL.

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