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Best tip to get more followers on Instagram

In case you’re simply beginning on Instagram, posting photographs can be entirely discouraging. At the point when all your energy and diligent work are met by just a couple of likes from a bunch of your followers. And yes you are not alone, this happen with many of people.

We get discouraged very soon, if we don’t get enough likes or comments on our photos. The best of all is that you can easily get more (real) followers on your instagram by following some of our well researched tips. If you able to get more engagement on your posts then you can easily able to get more followers to your profile as well, so its directly dependent on the engagement.

Before moving further with the tips, you should understand what your audience love and make post according to them only. You have to be consistent, creative and loyal to your target audience.

Keep the one goal in mind, i.e. Increasing Engagement. If you achieved this goal them people will start following you automatically.

Now, we will tell what tips & tricks you have to follow in order to get more engagement (more likes or comments).

  • Hastags

Have you ever heard this term before? I know you must know about it. But do you know how powerful it is, if a single hash tag of your post got viral then believe me it can completely change your whole Instagram life. Use related hashtags to your post. There are some hashtags that are known to help to increase the followers like, #FF (Follow Friday), #l4l (Like for like), #instafollow, #followback, and #tagforlikes. These all can help you to increase your real followers.

  • Like You Audience Post

You should make a habit of atleast liking the 100 posts of the people in your audience in a day. Actually, when you like their post they check your profile and if they find something relevant to their interest in your posts then they will start following you. This strategy is really worked for many of the great digital marketers also. Neil Patel himself use this trick and he says that, for every 100 likes, he receive 6.5 more followers, which is insane. This means 6.5% return.

  • Posting Time

You have to analyze your audience behavior, when they are active at the most, as posting should be done in a right time and in a right manner. It has been researched that the right time for posting images on instagram is, 2 am or 5 pm. This is the time when the instagram has its traffic at maximum. So, you can post accordingly.

  • Promotion Through Social Media

You can promote your Instagram profile at various social media networks. Share it out with your friend or tell then to share your profile on their walls, but make sure you have something interesting in your instagram profile because there must be a reason for people to follow you.

If this doesn’t working then you also join various fb groups where your audience ae active and then share your profile there with them. If they found your profile interesting and engaging to them then they will surely follow you.

  • Paid Promotions

If you are in hurry and want a quick following then you can do a paid promotion for your profile. You can reach out to the various famous instagram influencer related to your niche and ask them to give your profile a paid shout out. There are other paid methods also to get instagram followers; you can buy real Instagram followers if you want to.

  • Instagram Contest

Last but not least, you can organize an Instagram Contest for increasing the engagement. What you have to do is, you just need to make a clear image in which you have to invite your audience to like or share the same in order to get entry coupon for the contest, that’s it. This is one of the easiest method to get more new followers.


You have to follow all these mentioned strategies, and they will work for sure. And by chance, if you feel that they are not working for you then make sure your profile have interesting content for the audience because everyone knows, “Content is the King”. So, work on your posts content and these tips. And let us know your result in the comment section.

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