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Five THINGS You Need During This Rainy Season

It’s the rainy season. How ready are you? These 5 tips will HELP.

Umbrella: A good umbrella. This simple object keeps your hair from getting wet. It also protects you from the wind. Shower cap  and a good raincoat if you need more protection .

Rubber shoe/boot: Gumboots or shoes are the perfect footwear for rainy days. It helps to keep your expensive shoes intact.  Moreso lower quality shoes  probably absorb water and dirt.

Doormats: It is impossible to come back home with perfectly clean shoes on a rainy day. But just make sure you have doormats at your doorstep.

Disinfectants: Keep Savlon or Dettol at home and you will not experience any trouble. These hygiene products can effectively kill germs. Regularly use them to disinfect your shoes and clothes.– You should also buy a hand sanitizer. This liquid kills bacteria that easily stick to your hands during the rains.

Towels: Keep a clean dry towel at hand and use it to dry yourself in order to prevent infections, fever and cold. Drying yourself will take less time and will cost you nothing instead of getting infected with flu that could last weeks and will cost you money to treat.

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