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How Drugs, Sex Was The Order Of The Day During Cruise Ship Filmed For Channel 4 Reality Show

A cruise ship being filmed for a Channel 4 reality programme allegedly descended into a 'drug-fuelled orgy' during a 'mad' week-long trip around the Mediterranean.

Passengers claim they could buy a 'meal deal' consisting of cocaine for 300 euros and one holidaymaker on board told MailOnline today: 'It was easier to get a bag of coke on board than it was to get a drink. It was mad'.

Another called the trip 'carnage on a new level of wrongness' said there was group sex all over the 'lawless' ship, adding drink and drugs were so rife: 'I'm surprised no-one died'.

Witnesses say they saw people snorting cocaine and 'all over each other' on beds by the swimming pool and called the vessel Vision of the Seas a 'floating Geordie Shore'.

One British man was arrested as soon as the cruise ship pulled into port for the first time and taken away into Cannes by French police as a film crew aboard captured the madness for upcoming reality series Shipmates.

 Later one man was so intoxicated he was photographed slumped in a wheelchair, another vomited in the Vision of the Seas' magnificent pool while others were seen passed out in the corridors.

A partygoer on board, who paid £1,400 for his five-day trip, described the experience to MailOnline as 'really, really disgusting' while another fled the ship with eight friends because they 'couldn't cope with the carnage'.

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