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How God Brought A Dead Baby Back To Life

Quick one, I have read how Mrs Grace Williams testimony has been criticized on instagram, with many saying Nigerians have been brainwashed. Aww, it’s sad that those saying that have not felt the power of GOD. Oh what a miss! Let me tell you this TRUE story, you see God does not need you to sweet tongue people, in order to make Him look great, He is great, that can’t be compromised. There is nothing anyone can do about that, He is already GREAT and remains the GREAT forever.

To the story, I had the opportunity of meeting one of the senior Pastors at a Zonal Level (Abi is it even State Level) can’t remember that now. So I met this Pastor, met him earlier though before that very day. So we got into a long talk. I was at his church and I saw a maternity operating, so I asked questions. So he told me how thousands of women have delivered there safely and how it has been of help especially to the poor, Christians and non Christians too. So as we spoke, and a curious me would ask questions. How do you cope with serious cases, since the women aren’t medical doctors, he said they refer them to the hospital, but such cases like that are very few, I was like yea, it’s spiritual, I trust God. Then he said something that shocked me, he said there’s a covenant here, a covenant they had with God that no baby delivered here would die.

Then that brought him to this story…. A woman joined the maternity, a bit late and wasn’t a Christian, but they still welcomed her despite being late. Long story short, the day she delivered, she delivered in the middle of the night. It was a stillbirth. So the ‘sacred’ matrons called the pastor (this particular pastor), they told him ‘Pastor, we have seen something we have never seen before’, he asked, what is it? They said, a stillbirth sir, the Pastor said, okay, wash the baby up, dress him up like you usually do for babies, I am coming. The man left his house in the middle of the night, got to the church where the maternity is, met the husband of the woman, he said sir, the child came out dead, Pastor rushed to the matrons, where is the baby, is the mother fine, they said yes, okay give me the baby, he then asked two matrons to follow him, they went upstairs and started praising God. He remembered the General Overseer used to say, when a situation is more than you can handle, just start dancing and praising God. Dance and praise the ONLY one who can turn the situation around. So the three of them started praising God, that was all they did, and after few hours, the baby sneezed, became warm from cold, and that’s how the baby came back ALIVE. The pastor gave the baby back to the matrons and left for his house. That was how God perfected the situation before MORNING.

Her relations didn’t come in the morning to see her and say, ha na dead baby o, in the house of God, no, they came, they met a living child. As a matter of fact, it was the father that went all around screaming and shouting that his baby was delivered dead, but now back to life. The Pastor made no announcement, and you know the way people are, in the morning everyone from his neighborhood wanted to be sure, they wanted to see the baby and alive, they saw the baby. Lol.

You see, let’s state facts from the bible. The bible acknowledges FAKE PROPHETS, it’s true, and we have many of them. At the same time, the same Bible acknowledges TRUE PROPHETS of God. Do we say because there are fake prophets, so there are no genuine ones? The opposite of fake is real, so if there’s no real, there’s no fake. You get? We need to stop doubting these testimonies. We need to stop doubting God. Our God can do it every day, in fact every second. When we keep doubting these testimonies, then do we just say there is no God? And if you say there is no God, how come you are alive. Where did you come from? Can you control your breathe? Will you die some day, if you believe you will die some day, then, you have answered the question, there is God. You will die because you will have to report to Him, how you lived your life, hehehe. So you see, either you deny or accept, there is God oooo.

Hahaha this takes me to the next one, the one you guys like to hear and believe more.

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