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Practice What You Preach! Dayo Amusa Gets Rude To Fathia Balogun

Sigh! But what is wrong when a made longtime actress tries to get low and be friends with those coming behind her? Sigh! No wonder the likes of Genevieve never mingled with the ones coming behind, she saw the FUTURE… they called her a snub, then when they couldn’t ever meet her height, they were forced to turn her into a god. Just imagine an actress trying to insult Genevieve, is it not one of the actress’ best friends in the industry that will slap her on behalf of Genevieve? Infact that one would forget they are friends sef, lol.

Sigh! So Fathia Balogun wrote something about how beautiful a friendship is and how it can turn sore if certain things are missing and Dayo Amusa jumped on her page, asking her to ‘Practice what she preaches’. Sigh!

You know the irony of this all, just days ago, Dayo Amusa said the younger ones in Nollywood don’t respect their elders. Now hasn’t Dayo shot herself on the leg? Too sad! Their industry STINKS lately… Damn!

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