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Pro Tips on How to Choose Your Drone

Choosing the fastest drone in 2018? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we will share some tips to help you choose your drone. Just keep reading.

If you are out to purchase a drone, you will be overwhelmed due to the many options from which to choose from. Drones are designed in different sizes and come with different price tags. Also, their features differ from one drone to another.

For this reason, when selecting a drone to purchase, it is crucial to consider your needs and expectations and how capable you are to fly it.

The first thing you need to understand which drone you to purchase especially if you are an amateur or you are just starting the flying hobby.

Note that the price tag cannot determine whether the drone is of good quality, even though it can help you assess which drones are good than the others.

Ideally, costly drones will give you more flight time, longer distance flying, record great footages and capture good quality photos. The main consideration factors that need to be considered are flight-time, camera and skill level as well as battery life.

However, there are many others things that need to be considered. It is good to keep in mind the golden rule that you always pick a cheaper drone when beginning and then advance when you become a pro.

Here are some important tips to help you choose your drone.

1. Flight time

When it comes to drones, flight time is the amount of time a drone spends flying once charged. Many factors can affect a particular drone’s flight time which includes battery size and weight of the drone.

The most modern drones have flight times of up to 25 minutes. However, inexpensive drones such as the Syma X5C can fly for about 7 minutes in a single charge. But there are other costly drones that can fly for about 15 to 20 minutes in a single charge.

2. Battery life

Drones are similar to other gadgets you normally use in that they also need batteries to operate. You do not want a drone that will give you headaches to charge it every now and then. Although even the best drones can fly for 30 minutes before you charge the battery, you still can carry an extra battery.

However, if you consider carrying an extra battery, ensure to include it in your total price of the drone you want to buy.

3. Camera

Every drone user wants high-quality footage; hence you need to consider the camera specs of the drone you want to buy. To get the best camera drone, you need to look for the video and photo resolution of the integrated camera in the drone.

Note that while you can buy cheaper models, it might lack the First Person Viewing functionality and also the resolutions for these drones are not of good quality. Most importantly, you need to understand that you get what you pay for.

4. The size of the drone

First things first: You want to know why you need a drone and what things you will be using it for. If you just want a drone for fun, then a smaller sized drone can be the best choice for you. If you are looking for a substantial drone or one that you can fly it outdoors or one that you can fly it for longer distances then you may want to consider a high-end drone.

A drone like the Syma X5SW is a mid-size and features a camera which is also capable to stream videos. This model is easy to fly and can support a rugged landing.

5. Your skills level

In fact, this was supposed to be our #1 tip when choosing a drone. If you pick a sophisticated drone, you risk crashing it and wasting your hard earned money. The best thing it to hone your skills with an inexpensive drone then once you become a pro you can advance to the sophisticated models. The only secret is to buy a drone that you can fly easily without crashing.

6. Durability

Buying a drone is an investment. Therefore, like any other investment, durability should be a consideration when shopping for a drone. Drones that are able to withstand minor crashes are best since even if you are experienced, chances are that you will crash it.


There you have it: 6 pro tips on how to choose your drone. We hope our tips will help you get the best drone for your job. Note that different people have different needs and expectations when picking a drone. However, the tips above will help you get a drone that will make you achieve your goals. Choose wisely to avoid future headaches.

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