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Secrets Of Meghan's Signature: Expert Reveals Why The Duchess' Handwriting Has Changed

She's known for her perfect ornate handwriting after working as a calligrapher before finding fame on Suits, but Meghan Markle's signature has noticeably changed since meeting Prince Harry.

A thank you letter Meghan wrote to fan Emily Sorrells back in 2016, which has recently resurfaced on social media, shows the new Duchess of Sussex's formal and elegant script.

Now Handwriting analyst Tracey Trussell of Hand Right has compared the note to Meghan's signature in a guest visitor book during a visit with Prince Harry to Belfast in March 2018.

And she told Femail that her new, more informal style of writing shows a more 'relaxed' side to her, adding that Prince Harry's positive influence is making the 'secretly sensitive' Suits star feel at ease.

It is apparent that Harry is having a very positive affect on Meghan, 'she explained.

'Meghan is much more sensitive than people realize, and with Harry's Royal clout and protection she has been able to relax and blossom more naturally and fulfill her desire to be a humanitarian and do "good deeds".

'Her main motivation used to be purely practical. Financial considerations took top priority and headlined her world.

'But now that she can relax and doesn't have to worry about money anymore, this gives her the opportunity to focus on other areas of life, which will likely benefit other people.

Analyzing her old handwriting, Tracey described it as stylized and controlled, noting her large sized letters with dominant loops and a marked right slant.

'Meghan's old handwriting was formal, professional and polished but showed a lot of self-control and discipline, she had a real perfectionist's streak.

'She came across as being outwardly confident, and adept at creating a facade.'

Speaking about her latest signature, Tracey said: 'Her new signature  is much less contrived, and much more natural than her usual calligraphic style of signature.

'The dramatic right slant, full loops, joined up letters and jumped-up above baseline position tells of her ebullient passion and enthusiasm for life.

'The little hook at the start of her capital 'M' also reveals that once she has set her heart on something, nothing will stop her until she's satisfied her goal. Meghan is likely to be extremely committed to whatever she undertakes,' she concluded.

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