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S*x Robot Updated To Shut Down S*xual Advances If Not In The Mood

Hehehe, humanity, here’s where we are now. Very soon, they will charge humans to court for sexually harassing a sex robot he bought with his own money, because soon, someone will feel they have a right too. Ehen, I can see someone nodding and saying, yes they have a right too. Lol, a right above humans? Though I don’t support a sex doll, God hates, it, but the truth is THEY HAVE NO RIGHT, NONE WHATSOVER, they are just DOLLS, non living things. Animals still have rights… limited too tho. 

A sex doll called Samantha has reportedly been upgraded to shut down if she is not in the mood for
getting intimate. As we learned from a story published by The Daily Mail, London-based tech writer Phoebe Weston, the sex doll’s skin will be programed to detect if someone is touching her disrespectfully or being aggressive.

Apparently, she goes into an unresponsive mode if she’s just not in the mood to get intimate, or if she becomes “bored with the attentions of her potential lover”.

Sergi Santos, the doll’s creator, appeared in a debate about sex robots at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, England earlier this month were he disclosed the new development.

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