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Best 3.5KVA Inverters — Features, Pictures and Prices

Best 3.5kva inverters

For the many advantages they possess, inverters are now very much preferred to other available sources of alternate power supply like generators and more.

However, like generator sets, inverters also come in their different sizes and types. There are high capacity inverter of sizes 20kVA, 25kVA, 30kVA, 50kVA, up to the tune of 60kVA. Medium sized Inverters of sizes 10kVA, 8kVA, 7.5kVA also exist, likewise small sized Inverters (5kVAs, 4.5kVAs, 1.5kVAs etc.)

The size of inverter to opt for totally is directly proportional to load factor/volume and can be determined by doing some simple calculations.

Best 3.5KVA Inverters

Generally, 3.5kVA inverters are perfect as an alternate power source to households, small offices, restaurants etc. As provided by Sukam Power Systems, the estimated load capacity of a 3.5kVA inverter in a household include;

Estimated load capacity 0f 3.5kva Fusion Series Sukam Inverter:

  • 1 Fridge
  • 5 Fans
  • 6 Lighting Points
  • 1 DSTV Decoder
  • 1 LCD T.V or Plasma
  • 1 Music System
  • 1 PC

So, for whatever reason you need to pick up a 3.5kVA inverter, these are the ones we recommend out of the numerous bunch (read: brands) out the there.

1. Sukam Fusion Series 3.5KVA / 48V Inverter

Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. is an Indian-based power solutions provider with its product and service delivery spread over 70 countries. In Nigeria, their products (inverters) is highly regarded as top quality and very much considered as a household name in the inverter ecosystem.

Best 3.5kVA inverters

The company’s Fusion Series 3.5kVA inverter is based on the world’s most advanced DSP Sine Wave Technology and is the perfect solution for individuals looking for extended power backups for long hours. Some features of the Sukam 3.5kVA Fusion Series inverter include Pure sine wave power output, fuzzy logic charging algorithm, battery and load level indication on LCD screen, built-in multimeter for displaying input voltage, and smart protection against short circuit.

This inverter costs about NGN 190,000 to 200,000 and when you buy directly from the manufacturer, comes with 6 energy-saving bulbs as an added incentive.

2. Prag 3.5KVA / 48V Solar Inverter

Prag is a Nigerian-based company and this Prag 3.5kVA inverter system is suitable for use as a power backup for emergency purposes, home appliances, computers and other office equipment, petrol/money dispensing machines and other applications that require reliable power backup.

Best 3.5kVa inverters

Features of the Prag 3.5kVA inverter system include generator compatibility, smart intelligent control and charging system, fast change over, TDR (Time Delay Relay), short circuit and overload protection etc.

This Prag inverter is about the same price as the Sukam 3.5kVA above (NGN 190,000 – 200,000) and can be purchased directly from Prag’s store, e-commerce platforms, and any Prag product supplier.

3. Luminous 3.5KVA / 48V Inverter

Best 3.5kva inverters

This Luminous inverter is also one of the best 3.5kVA out there and is one we definitely recommend purchasing as a power backup system.

The inverter comes with a fast digital charging technology, intelligent thermal management, regulated battery charging, audio alarm (for low battery, overload, and short circuit notifications). The Luminous 3.5KVA inverter costs well above NGN 200,000. Quite pricey, but there are suppliers, resellers, and electrical retail stores that offer 3-month (and other flexible) payment plan.

You should make enquiries from any store you wish to buy from if they have such flexible payment plans in place.

4. Bluegate BG3500 3.5KVA /48V Inverter

Blue Gate is an indigenous alternative power solutions company/brand with many products ?UPS, Inverters, Stabilizers, Inverter batteries etc) and a loyal customer base to its name.

Best 5KVA Inverters

One of the company’s product is the BG3500, a 3.5KVA inverter with the following features:

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Cold Start
  • Generator compatibility
  • Smart battery management
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Energy saving mode
  • Intelligent CPU control
  • Ultra-fast battery charging

The Bluegate BG3500 costs about NGN 140,000 and is an effective alternative power source for home and office use.

5. PSC Solar SSP3118C 3.5KVA / 24V Inverter

Like BlueGate, PSC is also an indigenous power solutions company based in Nigeria (Lagos Nigeria).

Best 3.5KVa Inverters

The PSC Solar SSP3118C is a pure sine wave inverter with basic features like short circuit & overload protection, cold start, smart battery charging etc. as well as some special features like configurable AC/Solar input, remote panel (optional), and selectable charging current based on applications.

6. PSC Solar 3.5KVA / 48V Xantra Inverter

Best 3.5kva inverters

This Solar Xantra Inverter is also a pure sine wave product manufactured by PSC. The manufacturer identifies super silent operation and German engineering technology used in production as some of the key standout features of this inverter. For about N289,000, you can become a proud owner of this Solar Xantra advanced online inverter.

Do you need reliable alternative energy source for your personal, home, office, commercial or industrial use, the above 3.5kVa inverters are recommended. You can also check out some of the best 3.5kva generators we have identified in case you do not have the high financial buoyancy to required for inverter purchase, set-up and installation.

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