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FFK Welcomes Melaye To PDP With A Bitter-Sweet Message

We already told you he will speak, now he has! The former Minister who has opposed this Government in the last three years has welcomed controversial Senator Dino Melaye to PDP saying though Dino has returned to light, he stayed too long in APC which he referred to as an evil party.He then urged Dino to always speak up against this government for the sake of Nigerians.

It’s a sweet-bitter welcome note…. His twitter messages below…

I have always loved my aburo Sen. Dino Melaye and I am overjoyed by his return to the ranks of the righteous. The difference between me and him is that I joined the then opposition party in 2013 for only 9 months, long before it was recognised as a political party by INEC,...1/2

...before it was named APC and long before Buhari became its pres. candidate.Unlike Dino I recognised the evil in them and left them long before they came to power in 2015.Unlike Dino I raised the alarm about their genocidal tendencies,their fascistic disposition and...2/3

..their jihadist agenda and I fought them to a standstill in the 2015 pres. election by boldly speaking for PDP and Pres. Jonathan. To add to that I have opposed their evil ways and demonic agenda consistently without fear or favour for the last 3 years and I have paid a...3/4

...heavy price for doing so. For the last 4 years I have been one of the leading voices of the opposition in the country so I have paid my dues. It is time for Dino and co. to pay theirs. I told the world that we must stop the APC at all costs from getting power because...4/5

...from what I had seen during my short time with them they would kill people, lock them up,terrorise the nation and abuse that power if they ever got it. I was proved right. Dino and co.saw the evil in the APC and instead of following my lead and leaving they stayed...5/6

..there,pitched their tent with them, fought for them,spoke for them, campaigned for them,ensured that they won power and openly supported the evil that they subjected Nigerians to for the last 3 years. In those 3 years many of our people were murdered, demonised,locked up...6/7

...humiliated, detained, subjected to trumped-up and politically-motivated criminal charges and brutal witchunts, criminalised,misreprsented,threatened, intimidated and demonised.Many were totally desyroyed and may never recover.Unlike Dino and those that supported Buhari...7/8

.brought him to power and have clapped for him for the last 3 years,I do not have blood on my hands and neither can I be blamed for any of the atrocities that he has committed because I opposed him,stood up to him,resisted him and fought him every day for the last 4 years..8/9

.. I cannot say the same for my brother Dino and co. who have only just seen the light because they stayed with the evil called Buhari and supported and applauded him for those 3 horrendous years. They turned their back to the light and chose to espouse the darkness...9/10

..They fought PDP and Jonathan for that entire period and refused to acknowledge our sufffering and sacrifice or condemn Buhari for his evil and homicidal ways,his sectional and divisive politics,his monumental incompetence,his massive corruption and his religious bigotry..10/11

..Thankfully today they are saying the things that we said before the 2015 election and what we have been saying consistently for the last 3 years.I welcome that but they must never compare themselves with someone like me.We were never in the same boat.I chose the hard...11/12

...and difficult path whilst they did not.I saw the light and fought the evil of Buhari long before he came to power whilst they refused to do so.God gave me the grace,fortitude,courage, wisdom,strength and insight to do so and I have opposed Buhari with all my heart and...12/13

..soul from 2014 up until today.I am very proud of that.Unlike them for me it was not about political expedienc, political pragmatism or about winning elections but about principle and ideaological purity.I could not in good conscience stay in a political party with...13/14

...religious bigots,homicidal maniacs and ethnic supremacists. I do not believe there can be fellowship between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. I do not believe that there can be friendship or any union betwen the children of God and the children of Belial..14/15

...Let God judge between those of us that stayed with the evil and those of us that opposed it. Whatever the case I congratulate Dino for seeing the light, albeit 3 years late, and for returning to the fold and the land of the living. As they say, it is better late than never!

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