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Friction Or Real? Man Spots Dead Wife In Lagos

Lol, my grandma used to tell us stories like this and she would swear they are real. Grandma are you sure? She would say yes and even explain how some of our dead relations communicated with her and others in the village shortly after they died. So reading this brings me back to grandma and her tales, lol wawu!!

You want to know if I believe this story you are about to read? No I don’t, lol. But that doesn’t mean some of you don’t…. Anyway read first…

A man who claimed his wife died a couple of years ago, got the shocker of his life when he spotted his ‘wife’ in Lagos with another man who was taking her somewhere on a bike.

The man identified as Okechukwu James Uwa from Ezzagbo in Ebonyi state said he was travelling to Aba when he made a quick stop in Lagos to see an old colleague and while moving through Oshodi saw his ‘dead’ wife.

The shocked man said of the incident: my wife died of motor accident two years ago which I have finished her burial but am shocked to see her with a man who was conveying her in his motorcycle.

At first, I hesitated until I summoned courage and when I called her by her name, on turning to see me she disappeared.

According to online sources, the man she was with on the bike fainted and had to be resuscitated and when questioned about the woman said he had been with her for a period of 8 months.

He also said that she moved in with him after they met in a church

According to the man: ‘She told me she was all alone in Lagos working but told me she was from Ebonyi state. I have many times requested that I meet her people but she would decline saying that her people are evil’.


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