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God Revealed The Death Of My Babydaddy To Me, Current Situation Of Nigeria – Actress

Nollywood actress Habibat Jinad has claimed she sees dreams, and most times hear from God. Trying to convince people to believe her, she said she saw the vision twice when the father of her child was about to die and she warned his family about it. She also said she already saw before now the current crisis in the country and revealed an actress is about to get into a big trouble, but sadly, she doesn’t know how to tell her. Here’s how Habibat revealed she also dreams like Joseph;

“When the father of my son was about to die,God  showed me twice and I delivered the message to him and his family, He also revealed to me this current issues in Nigeria but I don’t know how to say it… God has always been talking to me in my dreams… 2 days ago, He also showed me an actress that might be in trouble soon but I still don’t know how to tell her because she might take it up…. God, I know you want me to work for you, please give me the understanding of your messages and the courage to deliver them to your people. Forgive all my sins and give me the heart to serve you right. God forgive those who died in all these crises,may their souls rest in peace. Amen!.”

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