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Helper Tricks Grandma, Steals 3-Week-Old Baby

A yet-to-be-identified female kidnapper has cleverly tricked a nursing mother, Amina Oluwaseun, and her mother, to steal their three-week-old baby, Abiola Oluwaseun.

Punch correspondent gathered that the baby’s mother and her mother went to Modakeke from Ile Ife, both in Osun State, last week to visit some of their relatives and stayed in front of a building on their way back due to a downpour.

A source, close to the family, told Punch correspondent that Aminat was breastfeeding her baby when a stranger came to the building in search of accommodation.

The source said, “Amina and her mother went to Modakeke with the newborn. There was a heavy rainfall on their way back and they decided to take shelter in the balcony.

“While they were there, a stranger came and asked those living inside the house if there was a vacant room there for her to rent and the people said no.

“Although the question was not directed to her, the grandma of the baby answered that there was a vacancy in their residence in Ife and the stranger said she would follow them to the house to inspect it.

“As they were about to leave the place after the rain had stopped, Amina’s mother was the one carrying the baby and the stranger offered to help her. The woman, not suspecting any foul play, released the baby to her and she tied the baby to her back as they boarded separate motorcycles.

“When they got to Ife, the stranger told the okada man to stop that she wanted to withdraw some money from the ATM. The okada man stopped and the rent-seeking woman, who was carrying the baby, went to the ATM while the grandma stayed with her own okada man.

“They stood there without knowing when the woman disappeared and went away with the baby.”
It was further learnt that they raised the alarm after some minutes and the incident was reported at the police station in the town where the grandma was said to have been detained.

The father of the baby, Mr. Peter Oluwaseun, when contacted on the telephone on Friday, told Punch correspondent that the baby had not been found.

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