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Mom Puts 10-Year-Old Daughter On Suicide Watch After Trolls Launched An 'Ugly Or Not' Poll About Her

A heartbroken mother has revealed she had to put her 10-year-old daughter on suicide watch after vile internet trolls launched an 'ugly or not' Instagram poll about her. 

Corrinia Bennett, 33, says her child has been left inconsolable and wanted to 'end it all' after the cruel online prank appeared.

The post featured a photograph of primary school pupil Mia Lili's face with the words, 'Who thinks she is ugly?' written above.

Her parents say she hasn't stopped crying since viewing the post, to which 53 per cent had responded, 'Hell ya'.

It is thought the account named puglife123456 was set up by bullies under Mia-Lili's name to post the survey last month.

It was only last week Mrs Bennett and her husband John, 42, were alerted to the page. 

The mother of three, from Norwich, Norfolk, claims she immediately reported the poll to Instagram who have since removed the post.

But Mrs Bennett says the impact has been devastating with Mia-Lili being placed on 'suicide watch' at home. 

Mrs Bennett, customer experience assistant at a bookmakers, said: 'I was made aware that this post had been going round by a friend. I reported it straight away and so did a few other people.'

The customer services assistant said Instagram were good at taking the post down quickly but said the damage had been enormous.

She explained: 'The day after the post was removed, I needed to wake up my daughter and ask her about it. I didn't want to show her but I needed to know what had been going on.

'She saw the post and just started crying. She cried so much she collapsed and her dad had to scoop her up off the floor.'

Mrs Bennett added: 'She hasn't stopped crying since and neither have I to be honest.

'We've had to put her on suicide watch at home. Her dad and I have to make sure someone is with her 24 hours a day because she keeps talking about ending it all.'

The concerned mother said: 'She had hairbands tied up in a hoop on her bed and I had to take them down because I was terrified what she might try to do.

'It's absolutely heartbreaking. I never thought I would be dealing with my daughter being a victim of cyber bullying at such a young age. They're still so innocent at this age.

'For someone to even think about being that malicious is horrendous.'

Speaking about the impact it has had on her ten-year-old child, she said: 'It has completely destroyed her confidence, she's very self-conscious about the way she looks. We tell her she's beautiful all the time but she won't believe it.'

'After it happened, Mia-Lili felt so self-conscious she didn't want to go to school anymore but she went on Friday and she told me, 'I won't let them win'. I'm so proud of her.'

Mrs Bennett praised her youngster's bravery, and said: 'She has the kindest heart. She always gives homeless people her pocket money and if you ask her if she wants something from a shop she'll say she needs to get something for her dad and sisters first.

'She's so willing to open her heart to people. Even if they're horrible to her she calls them her friends.

I don't understand why they can't treat her with the same kindness.'

The mother also contacted Norfolk police to report the cyber bullying and says they were 'brilliant' at consoling Mia-Lili.

A spokesman for Norfolk Constabulary confirmed the investigation is still ongoing.

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