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'Tiny' Nurse States On Dating Site That She Wants A Man With A Working Lungs, Kidneys & Heart

Coming up with a halfway decent dating profile is hard. You've got to tread the fine line between selling yourself without coming across as a complete wally who'll be ridiculed by all who swipe on you.

In fact, the "perfect profile" pressure is so high. that there is a wealth of helpful articles dishing out advice . Common pitfalls include mirror selfies, badly cropped-out exes and clich├ęs like "I live life to the fullest".

Then there are some less common pitfalls, like TERRIFYING people with some odd requests in your bio... Take Nicole, for example.

The 26-year-old registered nurse apparently posted a profile on Tinder saying she was looking for a "lifetime partner who is really hardworking, humble, healthy and trustworthy".

Nothing wrong with that. Many of us strive or the same thing.

Then it appears she makes some more, erm, niche requests.

The lucky man must also have "both lungs and kidneys and a heart with a sinus rhythm"...

Oh, and don't be a smoker or take "any substance that could damage the liver".

People were quick to point out there is something a little creepy about the detail Nicole goes in to.

That said, being a nurse, it's perhaps natural that she's after someone who takes care of themselves.

So if you fit the bill, and aren't at all perturbed by Nicole's bio, then maybe she's the woman for you?

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