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Stop Collecting Money From Politicians To Vote, Orji Kalu Warns Nigerians

The former Abia State governor, Orji Kalu has warned Nigerians to stop collecting money from politicians to vote for them and suffer for the next few years.

He stated that most of these politicians are concerned about feeding themselves and immediate families.

“Stop collecting paltry sum of amount of money from politicians to vote for them and then you go back home and suffer for the next few years, this is because they care about feeding themselves and feeding their immediate families, but we are no longer going to be family feeders, we are going to be people who operate open democracy.”

He gave the warning on Tuesday during the All Progressive Congress meeting held at Igbere, Bende, Local Government Area, Abia State, where he commended the effort of the APC led government in fighting corruption and eliminating looting in the system.

The former governor criticised the poor governance in the state saying it lacks modern and open democracy that will enhance lives of poor citizens.

He vowed that the poor livelihood will not continue the same way because All Progressive Congress (APC) is the government in waiting in the state.

He noted that the current government is working hard to correct the wrong social, political and economic development inherited from the previous government, which is making Nigerians experience hard times at the moment.

“People are saying that things are hard, yes, it is true, before you do anything to be right, it has to go wrong, our treasury in Nigeria in the last few years were looted without reason.

“So you tell me. How can things be normal this way, we have to endure the discomfort for the next few years.

“President Buhari is trying to bring back democracy the way democracy should be practiced, before now, people go to Abuja under some political party and when they are coming back to their various state, they will come back with millions of naira but it is no longer like that.

“You do not blame people when they say that our brothers and sisters rule for many years, yet you cannot see any difference in Enugu Port Harcourt Expressway, but this government is giving the roads in the south-east a facelift.

“Because President Buhari is committed to enhancing the lives of the poor people, their welfare is his priority; this is why some rich people who are very unreasonable are fighting the APC led administration.

“Let me tell you, No President will see his people being killed and he will be happy, the numerous killings in various region of the country has been there because the successful government refuses to take the bull by the horn to settle it.

“It will take time, and courageous leadership to correct it and bring the desired peace and calm in the regions being threatened by the crisis, it requires people of peace like you and me to say NO to little money especially during elections.

“The altitude of modern democracy is to build the social patterns that make it work, today; modern democracy is no longer operative in our State.

“Ask any senator or house of representative member from Abia State to show one road or project that he/she attracted, that is fully executed on their name, none, I tell you, because the evidence is there for everybody to see”.

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