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Top 10 Best and working Torrent Websites in 2018

Torrent Websites in 2018

Do you have an urge to download movies and shows for free from torrents? Are you unable to use torrent websites as before? Do not worry because we are here to provide you with a list of working torrent websites. Keep downloading for free of cost.

As a result of a lot of legal battles fought over infringement of copyrights have increased the scrutiny to the world of torrenting and the ultimatum was the closure of the popular torrent websites and torrent downloading search engines. In the recent years, we have witnessed the permanent closure of the most popular torrents such as ExtraTorrent, KickassTorrents in many countries.

Not only this but since Google Chrome Adblock feature aired it is more likely that even more websites are going to be closed.

Although the earlier torrenting structure became obsolete overnight, we can still somehow manage to download torrents and for that, we just need to do a simple research that what torrent sites are actually working at this hour.

Here we are providing you with a comprehensive list of the best torrent websites that are still working.

1. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is operational since 15 years and has eluded government intrusions till now. You can found thousands of torrents on this website. It is a simple and user-friendly website and has now become one of the favourites among users.

2. RarBG:

RarBg has maintained a reputation in the market for high-quality torrents and generally provides the latest TV shows and movies.

3. 1337X:

1337X is an advertisement free torrent website which is why it lures many. It is a great choice to use it as it is a user-friendly and intuitive website. Moreover, torrents are well organized on this website.

4. TorLock:

It is best for anime. Although it is not a much popular site but is worthy to use it for downloading anime, eBooks and music which are usually not so easily available for free of cost. It has a popular downloads section to help you find contents with ease.

5. Torrentz2:

It is originally known as Torrentz and is considered best for music. Torrentz2.eu stopped showing links ton magnet downloads in December. In replacement of torrentz2.eu now torrentz2.tv includes magnet links but relatively fewer than before.


As a result of a malicious takeover in 2015, EZTV is the most controversial website among the users. Nonetheless, it has a lot of fans. It is best known for news TV shows. It gives access to those contents that you might not find anywhere else easily. It is an active torrent that updates its index regularly on a daily basis.

7. YTS.AG:

It is best known for movies. It is another controversial yet a popular website for torrents. It has two popular groups namely YIFI and YTS that release their own torrents. Users can find a lot of seeders and fast downloads here.

8. TorrentDownload.me:

It can only be accessed with a proxy or VPN as it is blocked in many countries. You can easily find desired results on the website through its advanced search index.

9. LimeTorrents.cc:

It is operational since 5 years and its users and veteran status enable it to be active. It has a large fan following as it provides a wide range of torrents to choose from.

10. Zooqle:

This website has recently gained a lot of popularity. As it provides over 3 million verified torrents, it has become one of the favourites among users after the closure of KickAssTorrents. To access it you need to create an account on it.

Beware! Beware! Beware:

It is a warning for all the torrent loves that torrent can be dangerous for you, so beware! It is because torrents are illegal in many countries and thus if you are caught downloading by authorities you can be charged with hefty fines and even imprisonment.

Not only this but torrents can affect or infect your personal computer too as they contain viruses, so refrain from downloading from an unreliable, untrustworthy and disreputable websites. Always use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your IP address so that you can be saved from legal procedures.

VPN is really a master tool for unblocking torrent websites and for providing anonymity while torrenting. Torrent websites also recommend its users to use VPN because if the users will not be safe torrent websites will also be if no use. Hope you are liking the article for more article like these go to Startupopinions.

Why use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) while torrenting?

As a result of increasing pressure from various legal groups, many ISPs have purposely bottlenecked or blocked torrent sites altogether. Bottlenecking makes your torrenting speed to a tortoise’s pace which frustrates users a lot. However, blocking is worse than bottlenecking as it turns down the website completely.

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